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We provide free and ongoing support in the area of pregnancy choices and following an abortion. Alternatives seeks to support those in this need, regardless of their situation. We recognise and respect the dignity and choice of individuals.


At Alternatives:

  • We acknowledge freedom of choice, respecting all clients’ decisions.Logo_Alternatives_RVB
  • We aim to effectively and cooperatively work with other agencies.
  • We provide information that is impartial, clear, accessible.
  • Our services are always free.
  • Client confidentiality is of paramount importance.
  • We aim to treat everyone fairly and equally regardless of gender, age, marital status, racial, ethnic, or national origins, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs, or physical or mental capacity.


At Alternatives we would like:

  • Our services to be accessible to those who need them.
  • For every person who accesses our services to feel respected and accepted.
  • To demonstrate kindness, inclusivity, and integrity.